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GAFÉIAS Global Governance (GGG) - Global Peace Initiative (GPI)

The civil society GAFÉIAS registered in Austria -, President Mag. Phil. Andreas G. Andiel, initiates in the framework of a global peace initiative, GAFÉIAS Global Governance - GAFÉIAS Global Peace Initiative (GPI), restructuring projects according to the top-down principle in cooperation with top representatives of the national and international top leadership to indicate a rapid and maximum impact of the transformation process!


GAFÉIAS aims at a fundamental system change in terms of democratization, secularization, restructuring and unconditional reconciliation (Ubuntu principle, Nelson Mandela), leading to peace & reconciliation, national unity and comprehensive reforms in all resorts as well as to constructive neighbourly and supranational relations and cooperation.


Such initiatives were first successfully implemented in Ethiopia and Eritrea (2015 to 2018 - the latest being a rebel ceasefire in Tigray at the end of March 2022), the Republic of Sudan (2018-2019), and South Sudan (2019). Following this principle of replication and adaptation, a peace process was also initiated in Yemen (2015 to date) with the involvement of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates - the Riyadh Agreement, an outcome of the initiative, has since served as the guiding roadmap for the re-establishment of the Republic of Yemen in the areas occupied by Ansar Allah. A 2-month ceasefire is agreed in early April 2022, with the option of an extension.


In mid-May 2021, the concept of the Israel-Jerusalem-Palestine Confederation was submitted to high level (Knesset, Palestinian Embassy in Vienna, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, - the 36th Israeli government had been in office since 13 June 2021 and governed the country in the new style of the intended confederation.


Since 2019, GAFÉIAS has been working on the concept of a Syria Federation, in collaboration with the Institute of Political Science at the University of Vienna and the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution - Counterterrorism Vienna, Austria, Prevention Department. The agenda was finalised in cooperation with two Syrian experts in Vienna, Austria, and the implementation phase was launched in early April 2022.


Further initiatives have been launched since 2015 for Nigeria, Persia and The Philippines!


In the supranational sphere, GAFÉIAS has completed the concepts for a Middle-Eastern Union (MEU) (analogous to the European Union) and for the International Kurdish Union (ICU) (non-governmental).


In addition, intensive work on a concept for the United States of Europe/Eurasia (USE/USEA) is in preparation since 2021.


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