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iEGO Start-up

iEGO Music Bio Tech Startup

By Faraz Saiehosseini

Institutional Structure

GAFÉIAS > GNOSIS iNGO > PeaceMatch/PieceMatch > iEGO

Executive Board

Mag. Phil. Andreas G. Andiel - President & CEO GAFÉIAS, President GENESIS 7, President & CEO GNOSIS,

Vice-President & COO PieceMatch, iEGO responsibilities: finance

Faraz Saiehosseini - Young Scholars Club, 3rd Rank Astrophysics Bronze Medal Winner, University of Tehran

Vice President & COO GNOSIS international Community, President & CEO PieceMatch, COO and Co-Founder of iEGO

Christian Walk, B.A. - iEGO responsibilities: organisation, management, marketing



MMag. Dana Schnabel - iEGO responsibilities: event management

Marek Takác - iEGO General Manager, iEGO responsibilities: investor networking, artists management, booking (clubs)


Associate Proffessor, Dr. Seyed Kamaledin Setarehdan - iEGO responsibilities: advicer, manager of the technology team



Mankind lives in a multiverse of different cultures, sciences, nations, systems, languages, health conditions, mental states, states of consciousness, life forms etc. - science and applied arts call them simulated realities - which bring to be welcomed diversity or multi-pluralism in everything what exists and co-exists in alternative cultures, such as perma culture or so called tribal individualisms in forms of micro socio colonies, could lead the civilization into a new cyber architectural infrastructures, opposing the system to new sets of futuristic cities or what we called in our project the pallenoid cities, using clusters of big data processing systems within an alternative social medium. This multitude of medias, connected to a social medium, characteristics as a bottom up search engine, developed with deep learning implications, would offer the market with new sustainable segments, forming the search engine in forms of social mediums, interconnected and quantum wised entangled through quantum key distribution in quantum encryption for the cyber security part of an individual tribal metabolism of the search engine, connecting directly the clusters into different markets, such as blockchain now a days, in case of project based investments in different segments of the social mediums, forming an everlasting developing so called quantum search engine, facilitating modern technological malfunctions in areas such as NGOs realizations of their agendas regarding sustainable developments, identified long by United Nations and projects guided by UNICEF and UNESCO and in general different start-up based NGOs, getting the free space in case of advertisements and entertainment from theatrical clubbings into workshops, organized by NGOs such as United Nations and GAFÉIAS.


We want to be a platform for independent artists, entrepreneurs, NGO's, scientists and researchers work and a dynamic laboratory developing an AI new machine learning system through measuring the attention models of inter- and intra-synchronized neural perceptional experiences of the audience in relation to visual music neural rehabilitative and entertaining interactive theatrical performances and clubbings, to form a new society of artists in residence for future projects, including the researchers interested in futuristic disciplines, proposed in our social mediums such as quantum information technology, biotechnology, wearable tech fashion industry, gaming and so on.

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