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GAFÉIAS Project Appraisal Committee (GPAC)

Updated: May 21, 2021

Submission and implementation steps of a project to be carried out in the framework of GAFÉIAS

Phase 1 - Initiating phase

  1. Submission of a concept note to GAFÉIAS

  2. GAFÉIAS practices due diligence and receives relevant personnel respectively company organizational and project documents

  3. Code of ethical conduct

  4. GAFEIAS guiding principles with regard to transparency

  5. GAFÉIAS anti-corruption rules and guidelines

  6. GAFÉIAS confidential disclosure agreement

  7. ISA - Individual Service Agreements

Phase 2 - Project submission to GAFÉIAS

  1. GAFÉIAS sends the template for a Project Service Summary Sheet (SSS)

  2. GAFÉIAS reviews the submitted SSS including Logical framework

  3. GAFÉIAS sends an official project request letter to all relevant project stakeholders

  4. Submission regarding a preparatory assistance mission including a concrete work plan

Phase 3 - On-site project preparations and implementation steps

  1. Full project document as a result of the preparatory project mission

  2. Executive summary PowerPoint

  3. Fund mobilization phase 1

  4. Stakeholder project kick-off meeting on-site

  5. Project implementation mission 1

  6. International project conference

  7. Feasibility study and business plan

  8. Entrepreneurship training for prospective staff respectively cooperatives

  9. Market study, communication strategy

  10. Annual and progress project reports

  11. Project implementation mission 2

  12. Production facility

  13. Project business training

  14. Fund mobilization phase 2

  15. Project assessment mission and report

Phase 4 - Project operation

  1. Registration of the company and production facility

  2. Inauguration

  3. Staff for the production facility and related cooperatives

  4. Start of operations according business plan

The GAFÉIAS Project Appraisal Committee (PAC) reviews all GAFÉIAS projects to determine whether they are related to the General and Specific Objectives of GAFÉIAS or are compatible with GAFÉIAS' sustainability efforts in relation to the long-term existence of GAFÉIAS internally and in relation to all projects and corporations externally.

The main criterion is a clear reference to motivation and energy to contribute to the sustainability on the planet. Initiatives that contribute to the development of human civilization are promoted.

Project concepts as well as the respective feasibility and quality are examined according to the available resources in the human and material area. In addition, the compatibility with already implemented projects, business areas or corporations is checked or determined.

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