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Organizational Structure

GAFÉIAS International 


Updated: May 20, 2023

Mag. Phil. Andreas G. Andiel

GAFÉIAS President

  • Geography, Urban and Regional Research, University of Vienna, Institute for Geography and Regional Research, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Urban and Regional Research (1980-2000)

  • European Association for Nuclear Medicine (2000-2010)

  • GAFÉIAS (2009 until now - 2023)

  • Social Competence and Success Principles Training (2012 until now - 2023)

  • Austrian-Ethiopian Society, President (2013 until now - 2023)

  • Financial Management (2020 until now - 2023)

Manfred Maierbrugger

GAFÉIAS Secretary General

Chief Executive Manager (CEM), GLCI 7, GAFÉIAS European Young Worker Progress Base 4U


  • Media expert

  • Film director

  • Cinematographer

  • Photographer

GAFÉIAS Executive Committee performs the strategic planning and decision-making according to the mission, vision and values of the organization, addressing pressing issues that affect the organization substantially, such as an emerging crisis.

The executive committee prioritizes issues and meets frequently which make it easier for them to move faster when necessary.

The executive committee usually takes responsibility for recruiting, nominating and hiring. On an annual basis, the executive committee evaluates performance.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Executive Committee:

The executive committee provides organizational direction, conducts research relative to investment, risk and trends, it actively participates in strategic planning and advise on pertinent business matters. The executive committee should be monitoring and evaluating progress toward the association’s strategic goals and initiatives and making periodic and timely presentations on progress.

Providing Organizational Oversight:

Executive committee members have many oversight duties. They are responsible for overseeing the daily implementation of policies and making sure that the association is establishing and maintaining good governance practices. These activities include overseeing the association’s policies on ethics, security guidelines, quality management, human resources and regulations. Oversight duties also include overseeing ad hoc committees that work on policy development by making sure that they complete their objectives. Discussions of the executive committee should be encapsulated in their minutes, which they should present in a timely manner.

The executive committee also has a role in forming and sunsetting committees and task forces. It’s normally considered best practice for executive committees to assess their committees and committee chairs every three years to make sure that committees are productive and necessary.

The executive committee also takes the lead on issues such as association development, mentoring and conducting annual evaluations.

The executive committee has been staples of good governance for many years running. Perhaps this is because it can readily fill some of the gaps that make it difficult for large, geographically diverse organizations to handle. Delegating certain issues to standing committees is just one of many things that makes the framework of governance effective.

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Updated: May 20, 2021

Mag. Christine Windisch

Executive Director, GAFÉIAS Senior Governance Advisory Council

The Council strives to form interdisciplinary teams from among its members that address current issues in a forward-looking manner and work together with junior executives on their decision-making in order to set the course for the sustainable development of our society and economy. Political decision-making processes are accompanied by the Council in the sense of developing suitable processes, which are communicated and introduced in accordance with the concept of governance through targeted networking with decision-makers relevant to the topic. The effectiveness of such governance processes was explicitly recommended in the reports to the Club of Rome and considered indispensable for the sustainable development of our civilization.

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Submission and implementation steps of a project to be carried out in the framework of GAFÉIAS

Phase 1 - Initiating phase

  1. Submission of a concept note to GAFÉIAS

  2. GAFÉIAS practices due diligence and receives relevant personnel respectively company organizational and project documents

  3. Code of ethical conduct

  4. GAFEIAS guiding principles with regard to transparency

  5. GAFÉIAS anti-corruption rules and guidelines

  6. GAFÉIAS confidential disclosure agreement

  7. ISA - Individual Service Agreements

Phase 2 - Project submission to GAFÉIAS

  1. GAFÉIAS sends the template for a Project Service Summary Sheet (SSS)

  2. GAFÉIAS reviews the submitted SSS including Logical framework

  3. GAFÉIAS sends an official project request letter to all relevant project stakeholders

  4. Submission regarding a preparatory assistance mission including a concrete work plan

Phase 3 - On-site project preparations and implementation steps

  1. Full project document as a result of the preparatory project mission

  2. Executive summary PowerPoint

  3. Fund mobilization phase 1

  4. Stakeholder project kick-off meeting on-site

  5. Project implementation mission 1

  6. International project conference

  7. Feasibility study and business plan

  8. Entrepreneurship training for prospective staff respectively cooperatives

  9. Market study, communication strategy

  10. Annual and progress project reports

  11. Project implementation mission 2

  12. Production facility

  13. Project business training

  14. Fund mobilization phase 2

  15. Project assessment mission and report

Phase 4 - Project operation

  1. Registration of the company and production facility

  2. Inauguration

  3. Staff for the production facility and related cooperatives

  4. Start of operations according business plan

The GAFÉIAS Project Appraisal Committee (PAC) reviews all GAFÉIAS projects to determine whether they are related to the General and Specific Objectives of GAFÉIAS or are compatible with GAFÉIAS' sustainability efforts in relation to the long-term existence of GAFÉIAS internally and in relation to all projects and corporations externally.

The main criterion is a clear reference to motivation and energy to contribute to the sustainability on the planet. Initiatives that contribute to the development of human civilization are promoted.

Project concepts as well as the respective feasibility and quality are examined according to the available resources in the human and material area. In addition, the compatibility with already implemented projects, business areas or corporations is checked or determined.

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